Introducing:  The New Wireless Tag Android App

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Step 1: Activate Your Ethernet Tag Manager

For Android devices, install our Android app from Google Play by searching "WirelessTag", follow this direct link. If you have any trouble installing it from Google Play, try installing the APK directly from here. For web access on PC/Mac, go to Web App Login.

Use the 12 digit serial numbers on your Ethernet Tag Manager to create a login. Keep the serial number in a safe place.

Step 2: Associate New Wireless Tags

Follow this step to associate each new Tags with the Tag Manager. For water/moisture sensors, please activate by shorting the tip using a metal object (scraping the tip using a coin, for example) or dipping the tip into water. For other types, connect battery by pulling out battery insulating tab or attaching to external power (USB port). An orange (or orange/blue alternating) light should start flashing on the sensor for about 2 minutes, before the sensor goes into sleep again. Search & associate like other tags while the light is flashing.

Step 3: Assign Tag Names and Pictures (If Needed)

You can edit tag names and comments of each Wireless Sensor Tag. Pictures can be associated by using Android or iPhone/iPad app.

Step 4: Motion Sensor, Temperature Monitoring, and Logging Interval

Motion sensor and temperature (and humidity) monitoring are turned off by default. Follow the steps below to turn them on/off as needed. Temperature (+humidity, ambient light) logging happens independently of monitoring. The logging interval is set to 10 minutes by default, which can be changed as necessary.

Event History:
All past events, or only specific kind, or only from specific tag

The red "Events" button on the bottom of the screen opens "Event History". All types of events (such as open/close/moved, too hot/cold, too wet/dry, out of range/back in range, water detected) from all tags associated with selected tag manager will be shown in chronological order. The newest events are displayed on top, while older and older events are dynamically downloaded from the cloud as you scroll down.
Events are collected 24/7 as long as the Tag Manager is connected to the Internet, so you can always review what happened while you were away.

IFTTT:   If This Then That.
The easiest way to link tags with other things on the Internet.

IFTTT is a free Web/iOS/Android app that connects all kinds of Internet-enabled products (such as sprinklers, lights and thermostats) and services (such as Gmail, iOS/Android device location, and more) referred to as "Channels". Wireless Sensor Tags is an officially supported IFTTT Channel.

Motion Sensor Options:
Sensitivity, Response, Notification Settings and Scheduling

Tune the sensitivity and responsiveness of the motion sensor to suit your application. In motion detection mode, choose to remember moved state indefinitely or reset to armed state after a while. In door/gate mode, choose the threshold angle (23 degree is recommended for automatic garage doors, 2~5 degree for regular doors), or choose to get notified only when door is opened for too long.
Choose to get notified by emails, tweets, speech, or whether to make tag beep upon motion.
Set the schedule to automatically arm or disarm the motion sensor at certain time of the day, and days of the week.

Beeping a Tag, Stop Beeping, and Beep Options

Every wireless sensor tag has a beep function to help you find missing tags. Attach the tag to key chains, put inside your wallet, or strap to TV remote controls, and never waste time looking for these items again.

Temperature Graphs and Motion/Door Stats

Each tag automatically logs temperature and each time it is moved, opened or closed, so you can always check what happened while you were away.

Custom URL Calling on Event

You can define a custom URL (such as REST endpoint of home automation systems) to be called on each type of event for each tag individually or all tags. Each URL may include placeholders such as "{0}" or "{1}" to be replaced with specific information from each event. With home automation systems such as Universal Devices Insteon/ISY or Phillips Hue Lamps that supports HTTP based API, you can turn on light when door is opened, or motion is detected, for example.

Customize Notification Messages

You can customize each type of notification messages for each tag individually or all tags by defining a custom template. Each template may include placeholders such as "{0}" or "{1}" which will be replaced with different information for each type of message. See a full list of customizable notification messages.

Wireless Settings

Wireless Settings allows you to re-program the flash memory in each tag to use a different frequency to resolve interference problems, and to achieve a desired balance between range, battery life and response time.

Using More Than One Tag Manager

Use multiple tag managers to cover a wider area, enable tags to "roam" from one area to another, or manage more than 40 tags at one time.

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